Learning the basics about your bike saves you money when you can change your own tube or adjust your brakes. Moreover, this know-how gives you the satisfaction of a greater understanding of the bike (or bikes) you ride.  Our beginner, intermedia and advanced bike mechanic workshops are taught by experienced professional bike mechanics and provide an intimate, focused, hands-on learning environment.


Each workshop is structured and focused to cover as much as possible in a relatively short amount of time. Whether a beginner or veteran to bike repair, we expect you will learn a lot and come away feeling much more comfortable with the workings of your bicycle. A CBN workshop is also an ideal refresher for someone who has taken a bike repair class in the past or has some limited, but spotty, experience. You will almost certainly learn some new techniques and approaches.

Workshops are held at CBN.  Please bring your bike if possible.  You will probably get dirty, so dress accordingly!  There is a maximum of six participants per workshop.  A workshops is run when at least four people have signed-up.

Contact us today to sign up for a workshop!

For payment, we accept cash on the evening of the workshop (preferred) or PayPal.