Speaker Series

    "You should be able to live your life without owning a car."
    — Paul Bedford, former City of Toronto Chief Planner

At no point in history has the problem of gridlock and the need to improve air quality been greater than it is today. Dependence on car-centred transportation is a threat to our health and to the livability of our cities. The solutions require broad public understanding of the critical issues we face and the benefits of sustainable transportation. The CBN Speaker Series expands the understanding of these issues through presentations by Canadian and International experts.

CBN Speaker Series posterEvolving from the 2003 series of CBN information nights which included then mayoral candidate and Councillor David Miller, the CBN Speaker Series brings together individuals and groups in a forum for discussion and networking. Its aim is to promote sustainability and inspire people to take more steps toward sustainability. A broad range of topics and speakers have helped build interest in the series.

Past speakers have included Professor John Pucher of Rutgers University, architect and urban planner Ken Greenberg, former City of Toronto Chief Planner Paul Bedford, City of Toronto’s Manager on Pedestrian & Cycling Infrastructure, Daniel Egan, wind power expert Paul Gipe, Canadian mountain bike adventurers Janick Lemieux and Pierre Bouchard and then federal MP for Toronto-Danforth and the Leader of the New Democratic Party the late Jack Layton.

In 2012, the CBN Speaker Series was pleased to welcome Professor Peter Cox of the University of Chester.

Speakers for the 2013 CBN Speaker Series will be announced soon.