DIY Bike Repair Space

CBN offers you a complete set of professional bicycle tools as well as no-longer-manufactured and hard-to-find tools and a bike stand to perform your own do-it-yourself bike repairs. Our rates are very affordable and you will come away with a better understanding of your bicycle.

CBN Toolshop

For the use of tools, stand, oil, grease we charge $18 per hour. For every hour of mechanic assistance we charge an additional $60. Normally, you will only need a portion of this time, so we pro-rate it according to the minutes you use. The formula, then, is: $18 / hr tool rental + $60 / hr mechanic help.

Some Considerations

  • No mechanical experience is required; just show up with your bike and lots of patience. Learning to fix your own bike will take time but will hopefully pay back in the long run in savings and confidence.
  • While at CBN, treat others with the respect they deserve and that you expect yourself to receive.
  • Leave the work areas cleaner than you found them.
  • Put away all your tools! We can’t emphasize this enough.
  • Ask us if unsure of how to use a tool.
  • We supply tools, stands, grease, rags, handcleaner and instruction (see rates above).


We have both new and used parts, including rare and obsolete components from the bike donations we receive.

If we don’t have a part in stock we can order it for you through one of our distributors.


If you’d like to improve your bicycle repair skills, CBN offers a variety of bike mechanic workshops.