Intermediate Bike Workshops

We offer two intermediate workshops suited to people who understand the basics of bike repair. If you’re unsure, consider taking the introductory course.

Workshop 1: The Front End

How to identify the need for overhaul plus a basic introduction to minor wheel truing. Demonstration and hands-on.

Workshop 2: The Rear End

  • Breaks: Review (from basic class) of how to identify need for adjustment. How to adjust, how to identify need for overhaul (but not how to). Demonstration and hands-on.
  • Due to the huge variety of bicycle components available, we may not have time to cover the specifics of every participant’s bike, but we’ll do our best. Suspension maintenance will not be covered.

    This is a basic class, if there are topics you wish to explore in greater detail please let us know to get on a waiting list and we’ll organize a class once we’ve got enough registrants.