Finding a New Home

After almost 20 years, the COMMUNITY BICYCLE NETWORK is being forced to move.  We are calling on the community that we’ve served to help us find a new home.

We are in need of a new place to spin our wheels. The church on Queen Street West where we have been tucked away for the last number of years has been purchased by a developer and all tenants are required to leave as of December 31, 2012.

So far, we have a couple potential locations on the table but with the clock ticking, we are asking people  to help us find just the right place to set up shop. The need is for a roughly 1,000 sq ft space with a store front, preferably in an underserved community / priority neighbourhood in Toronto, accessible by walking, cycling, public transit and driving.

“Of course free, subsidized or below market rent would be a huge assist in keeping the organization on its feet, or …ahem, on its wheels” feels board member Eric Tchao.

Since 1993, both CBN staff mechanics and DIYers have repaired thousands of bicycles and diverted salvageable frames and parts from the landfill for reuse or recycling. “As a social enterprise CBN has played an important role over two decades in making cycling accessible to Torontonians and a new location will enable us to continue serving the community” commented board member Thomas Hasan.

We are asking anyone who knows of an available space that could suit CBN’s needs to contact  us at 416-504-2918 or  via

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