CBN Supports Turn Around Couriers


TurnAround Couriers is a fast growing Same Day courier business in Toronto and the GTA which is primarily focussed on providing fast delivery and excellent customer service. We are one of the largest bicycle courier firms in Toronto and are unique because of our unique social mission. We also offer car and van service across the GTA.

TurnAround Couriers has been in business for 13 years and has the privilege to work for many prestigious clients, notably RBC Financial Group, BMO Bank of Montreal, PwC and several large Bay Street law firms, all of which demand high levels of service, but also share the community values typified by TurnAround Couriers. Many of our clients are set out on our website at:

TurnAround Couriers is a for-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping at-risk youth in the GTA overcome social and economic obstacles by providing them with the chance they need to get ahead. In addition to exclusively hiring at-risk youth as its bicycle and walker couriers, TurnAround Couriers also partners with George Brown College to encourage its couriers continue their studies while they work. This mission is provided free of charge to the couriers. We feel that this markedly increases the social impact that we have as a company in Toronto.

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