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Community Bicycle Network is a member-supported not-for-profit organization.  The success of our organization depends on people like you who choose to cycle as a form of transportation and recreation and who believe in the value of making cycling accessible to everyone.

Members elect the Board of Directors and vote on by-laws. More generally, they help make CBN a voice for cycling, equality, and the environment and they’re the community at the heart of what we stand for. If this sounds like you, please join us!

We have two types of members; Regular Members & Working Members.

Regular Members can:

-Buy parts, Rent bikes, Pay for the mechanic’s labour & Use the DIY space at a discount. *,**

-Take workshops – for $20

-Join CBN committees

-Be invited to join the Board of Directors

-Be part of our event staff

Working Members can:

-Buy part &  Rent bikes at a discount. *

Take special workshops for a minimal price.

Work & Assist the mechanic in the shop during regular hours.

Use the DIY space for free.

-Join CBN committees

-Be invited to join the Board of Directors

-Be part of our event staff

* Discounts are 20% off regular prices unless otherwise noted. ** The discount for DIY space is 33%

Members pay dues of $20 annually.

To become a CBN member, come by our location to register in person or you can REGISTER ONLINE by filling our the MEMBERSHIP FORM  below and pay via PayPal here.


Your privacy is respected, we do not sell or share membership lists.

We Need Your Help!
As we celebrate 20 years, we're asking you to support Community Bicycle Network's award-winning programs, hands-on workshops, free events and store relocation. Please donate today!

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